Monday, April 05, 2010

25 years later Paper boy still wants his two dollars

Half way into "Hot Tub Time Machine" I realized, "This is a John Cusack 80's comedy." They figured out a way to do a sequel to "Better off Dead" and "Say Anything." What about "Another Crazy Summer" where JC returns, this time with his family in toe and they have to beat the old bully and his family? Just send the checks right to me. 

Other stars from the decade of Reagan and "Where's the Beef" have made a comeback. When studios and stars are desperate for a hit -  they are not afraid to go back in time from characters. Totally, dude. 

Look at the great Bruce Willis - they threw a bunch of money at him to do a fourth "Die Hard." He's older and balder, but still hunting bad guys. They added a young side kick to get the kids in with their parents. (A hacker)

Harrison Ford did a fourth Indiana Jones movie (After the "Last Crusade"). Who knew Indy had to get back in the action? They added a young side kick to get the parents in with the parents. (His long lost bastard son.)

Stalone's movie career was dead in the water.  So he did another Rocky. They added a young side kick to get the kids in with the parents. (A new actor playing his son.)

Crocodile Dundee made a comeback in 2001 after his last appearance in 1988. He brought his son. You know why. 

Now, like the other aging 80's movie stars, John Cusack's movie career was softening. Until his role in "2012" things didn't look too good. 
From IMDB:

  1. Igor (2008) (voice)  
  2. War, Inc. (2008)  
  3. Martian Child (2007)  
  4. 1408 (2007)  
  5. Grace Is Gone (2007)  
  6. The Contract (2006/I)  
  7. The Ice Harvest (2005) 
  8. Must Love Dogs (2005)  
  9. Runaway Jury (2003)  
  10. Identity (2003) 
  11. Max (2002/I) 
Just like his male movie counterparts Cusack had to go back to his well. But he didn't have one tent pole franchise.  He didn't have one character that he was associated with...except for...wait for it...John Cusack's best known character is "John Cusack."  The  80's slacker who's a loner but a cool dude that everyone wants to know. The one guy who hangs out in the 7-11 parking lot that people would want to to "chill out" with.  How do you get the pushing 50 Cusack back in 80's high school? Back on ski slopes? Back in his teen insecurities? Send him through time in a hot tub time machine. 
They added a young side kick to get the kids in with the parents. (Cusack's techno nerd nephew.)  

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