Sunday, April 25, 2010

Avatar biggest selling DVD ever: thanks to Brian Glick

Avatar sells 6.7 million units. Marketing executive Brian Glick lead the team to success. In a memo leaked to our site from Mr. Glick sites the contributions of the marketing genius. 

the memo dated January 5, 2010 read - "Putting 'Avatar' on DVD would be a great idea. I really think people will buy it. There seems to be a demand for it."

The memo also has some useful tips that Mr. Glick points out helped in the record breaking weekend. 
"We should advertise. A lot. TV, radio, in store displays, even the internet."

Mr. Glick was more than available for comment, we just didn't know what to ask him. 

Update: Brian Glick found another email where he told the studio that they should work with James Cameron even though he hadn't made a movie in over 10 years. 

Update: Brian Glick will be made VP of Marketing overseeing all the upcoming summer releases.

Update: Liam Fisher is stepping down as VP of Marketing overseeing all the upcoming summer releases to spend more tiem with his screen play.

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