Friday, April 16, 2010

first it was exhaustion, now it's coffee

Last week Ryan Seacrest shocked the world when he acted the fool on "American Idol." He was giving people silly intros and even made a joke about his former on-air co-host that he's been rumored to have had kicked off. Why did he behave this way? Well, it was first blamed on...too much coffee. Finally the whole ordeal was chalked up to playfulness. What a card! (Queen of Diamonds, HA I just LOL'ed on myself!)

Two weeks ago while driving to an ill-fated pitch meeting, the radio announcer said that Foo Fighters Front  figure overdosed. On what? Caffeine. He had too much coffee and that was the root of his bizarre actions.

I don't know why those guys did what they did and who cares? (Is that enough legal mumbo jumbo? Can I move on now?)

In the past, bizarre celeb behavior would be blamed on "exhaustion." Or additions would be to "pain pills" not cocaine.

Saying someone acted outrageous because they had too much coffee just sounds like a lie. Do you know anyone else who said tons of embarrassing things, insulted people, broke stuff etc. because they didn't know a "venti" was bigger than a "grande?" Is Ryan Seacrest the first person in history to insult someone on air because of caffeine? I think you get the point.

Also, it's a bad idea to plant the idea in someone's head that their client had "too much" of anything.

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