Monday, November 19, 2007

I watch too much TV

Last Wednesday I noticed that on my 8 o'clock show - "Pushing Daisies" they had to solve the murder of a guy who ws married to four different women. Then on my 10 PM show "Life," the cops discover a body of a guy who's secretly married to two different women.

Just saying. If you are going to have shows that look a like, try not to put them on the same night. We get it, every show does the same stories.

I like Life, but they are getting away from the "He spent 16 years in prison" thing. Don't you think if a cop was in the pen (as we call it) for over ten years he's be a little more freaked out?

Oh, I offically don't give a shit who set him up. It's not so interesting. The murders are interesting.

Plus how hot are cops and lawyers. His partner, his lawyer, ex wife, his ex partner's wife, Adam Arkin's forced love interest, all the victims' families, the tamale lady, etc.

Just saying...Maybe all women look even better after 16 years of prison.

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