Thursday, November 15, 2007

I don't know if you check out for useless electronics. They
put one thing on sale a day. Of course you do. The stuff is not
always the top brans or useful. But it seems so cheap - I have to
check. Today is one of those days where they have more than one thing
for sale. They will sell one thing until it sells out. Then another.

I'm addicted to the rush of buying something cheap. I'm sorry. I have a problem.
Anyway... if you're anything like me, you'll be hitting the refresh
button all day.

Sometimes tey'll just sell a "bag of crap."

Things I bought from
Radar detector (never opened)
a small MP3 player/fm radio that records the radio (doesn't work with my mac.)
A large mp3 player w/ FM and a mircophone
sunglasses with an MP3 player - opened once never took out of box -
it's as dumb as it sounds.
blue tooth head phones - stopped working.
regular headphones - always use
vcr/dvd player recorder - one day it just stopped working
stereo that supposed to play my ipod - that part does not work
A Movado watch for my mom - she loves the watch and wears it all the time.

There's more - can't remember.

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