Friday, September 28, 2007

Reaper Review and Bionic revelation

It's 3 AM and I can't sleep. I cleaned out my dvr (which I hate. I want TIVO back) and here's what I watched...

I've watched reaper which was funny for a minute. The premise and the joke about the ham made me laugh.

BUT: why not tell the girl that you are a soul collector? Is it better to let her know that you are a liar? It's always the woman the guy lusts for or the wife he has to hide this stuff from. "I'm so glad you hid that you catch souls for the Devil. There was no reason to hide it, but that's what I love. other major life changing events are happening that you aren't telling me? Wait...It's better if I just don't know."

He tells his idiot best friend and random dude in a pony tail, but not the woman who's smart and going to college. No reason you'd want a smart person with access to a college on your team.

Grey's Anatomy - always good, but isn't it illegal for a regular doctor to operate on an animal? Or is that just on nip/tuck when that curl haired guy did plastic surgery to a poodle?
It's good to see that everyone there is still totally self centered. "You think you have problems? Instead of talking to you about them I will tell you my whole back story and history."

Plus- was the whole Bambi thing a shout out to the show "Scrubs?" the sitcom makes no bones about feeling ripped off by a show about hospital interns. The only difference is people will watch Grey's. the mean-but-well meaning Dr. Baily, I mean Dr. Cox calls former waiter and now director phenom Zach Brafferstienbergelman's character "Bambi" for the past 5 or 6 years. Last night on Grey's everyone was calling each other Bambi and they even had to save a dear. Was this an on air rebuttal to Scrub's on air attack on Grey's? Or did no one check to see if the dear reference was used before on an intern at a hospital.

Bionic Woman - in the original pilot Jaime Sommers has a deaf younger sister. they replaced the actress and gave her hearing. Why? It was a cool addition to the story.

If you get a chance rent the original "Bedazzled." Much funnier than most things. Including the dreadful remake and the funny Reaper. You can see they borrowed a little from this movie. Which is fine by me. They didn't take much and it's a great movie.

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