Friday, September 21, 2007

In defense of FOX. That's right, I said it.

I'm curently listening to Nick Madigan's Minding the Media. He's complaining that FOX censored Sally Field's acceptance speech. Madigan and other like those at the Huffington Post feel that FOX censored Field for her anti-war stance. But the actress said "goddamn" a word FOX had a problem with it being on primetime. They also censored Ray Romano saying Fraiser Crane was screwing his TV wife. He was not making an anti war comment, he just didn't want a fiction guy to have fictional sex with his fictional wife.

It's FOX's job to censor themselves. If Sally Field a TV vet wanted her anti-war statement to go uncensored she should've kept it clean.

This is not a conspiracy on FOX's part. The FCC is still fucking with CBS over nipple gate. So let FOX be too careful.

I'm not saying FOX never does stuff that's political, I'm just saying that isn't one of them.

This guy below is not only wrong but boring...

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Mike said...

Eh, Quagmire said "Goddamm" on Fox's Family Guy back in Feb 07. But you're right, Sally Fields has given enough acceptance speeches (notorious, water-cooler moments, too) that she knew how to punch one up and deliver a message. It could had aired w/o damning God. She was also nervous or fake nervous.

So will this be the norm, having a skittish standards and practice dude bleeping out "screwing" and other ribald expressions from fifty years ago? Or will overzealous censoring only occur on FOX television?