Friday, June 11, 2004

Some new Laws have been passed in Hollywood.

1) You cannot call yourself an actress/model is you have never acted or modeled.

2) If you make definate plans with someone, you don't have to keep them if something better comes up.

3) If you are a waiter and your customer is in anyway related to the Show biz industry, you are required to give them your script or reel. This rule now includes people that are security and catering for a movie studio.

4) If your movie career fails, you get a sitcom deal automatically. If that sitcom fails, you get a talk show.

5) no more than 5 reality camera crews are allowed in a coffee shop at one time. Unless they serve mocha.

6) Seeing Erica Estradda at an audition is now considered a "celebrity sighting."

7) If you want a cup of coffee in Silver Lake, you must have "Von Dutch" some where on your person.

8) If you saw and enjoyed "Something's Gotta Give," you are wtill allowed to make judgements on films.

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