Thursday, June 17, 2004

From Variety:
MoveOn wants Moore seats filled for docu
In an effort that could goose box office for Michael Moore's controversial doc, liberal activist group MoveOn PAC has announced plans to pack "Fahrenheit 9/11" shows on opening night.

Who do you think is going anyway. You can't take credit for something that's going to happen anyway. Liberals will got see this movie on the first night. They don't need MoveOn to tell them.

Not since my brother had the Batman symbol cut into his head has there been such convincing hype for a film.

Thanks to MoveOn I'll have to wait in a longer line of people eating soy and drinking Fiji water.

I hope people don't yell at the screen like in "Super Size Me." It was like "Rocky Horror Picture Show," but no one had seem the movie before.

They all read so much hype on the movie and waited so long to see it, that they couldn't contain themselves. They cheered when the title card came up.

People laughed at things that weren't jokes. One guy laughed when someone got into a car. No one joined in. He trailed off in embarrassment. "HAHAhahahaha....

At the end of the film, it said that 6 weeks after the movie premiered at Sundance, MCD took out Super Sizing. The audience cheered like they were in the rally scene of the warriors. Then it said that MCD was doing healthy Happy meals. They all laughed. "How dumb!" What? It's the same thing.

I was just afraid, being the heaviest person in the theater, someone was gonna stand up and yell, "GET HIM!" Then be chased by pitch forks and torches to my car.

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