Monday, November 17, 2003

Kim Chee-zy

It wouldn't be a holiday season without the annual Celebrity Sell-out (see Myers, Mike in "Cat in the Hat"), but this year's Xmas Ho is a doozy. Keep your TV set on for fifteen minutes and you'll see Li'l Kim hawking Old Navy. Of course, crying foul on an Old Navy commercial is shooting fish in a barrel, but there's something offensive about a hip hop star promoting the "hood," i.e., a sweatshirt with a hood.

Too bad Kim isn't from Newark, because then she could sell "Jersey Hoods" (that's a pun).

Li'l Kim wearing Old Navy? Her MTV award schtick is to wear risque clothing, like her infamous exposed booby in '99. Think she now hangs out at the mall with Missy Eliot and Madonna?

- Media Yenta's Brother