Monday, November 17, 2003

ABC is pulling and retooling "Karen Sisco." The show is based on the Jennifer Lopez character from "Out of Sight." In that film, she falls in love with the criminal she's bringing to justice. It seems from the ads for the TV show that every week she falls in love with the guy she's chasing. It gets tired after a bit.

Maybe ABC should do what they did with "Dragnet." last year they took a tried and true and old formula and tried it in today's TV market. The first time "Dragnet" was on, it was on radio. The last time it was in syndication and shot up in Canada. Not enough people were watching it in syndication, why would they think it would work in Network TV?

To spice things up, every crime was about a dead hooker or a dead honors school girl who was actually doing porn on the side. ABC pulled and retooled the show and added 14,000 good looking, ethnically diverse cops, making the old Joe Friday guy a leader, not a clue follower.

Would this work? We will never know. ABC was so proud of this Law and Order: SVU rip off that they shoved it on the lowest night of the week. Saturday, after the family friendly "Wonderful World of Disney."

What was the logic? The family watches "Toy Story 2" then the kids go to bed at 10 PM and mommy and daddy get their dead hooker on?

Karen Sisca, hardly knew ya. Maybe she should chase all different races of men, then get dumped every episode.

Sisco, also stars, my favorite actor Robert something. So I hope it works out.