Wednesday, November 19, 2003

From Cynthia Turner's Cynopsis:

WB has ordered six eps of a new reality show from Jamie Kennedy's Wannabe Producers prod company, says Variety. The show is aptly titled Wannabe about a group of aspiring actresses who wannabe big time actresses.

Why would WB go back in business w/ Jamie Kennedy? The reality show he has on the air with them now, barely gets any viewers. I'm shocked that they didn't can it a long time ago. That show I guess is cheap enough to keep on and then sell that thing into syndication.

I guess they are doing the same thing with Steve Harvey's Big Time. That show is against Survivor and Friends. But if it's cheap enough, and enough people are watching leave it on.

But why go back to the guy that gave you a non hit and give him more money? This business is great. You can fail, and fail up.

From Cynthia Turner's Cynopsis:

...a story in today's New York Post suggests there may be some question as to whether or not the special will air at all given yesterday's events. Can't imagine that will be the case. CBS is scheduled to air the special next week.

First of all, I just quoted a source that quoted a source. Please someone quote me quoting Cynthia quoting the NYP!

What will CBS do now? We now know that they will cave into conservative pressure. What if MSNBCPDQ, FOX NEWS, and the other conservative BS artists start killing time on their vast canvas of nothingness and bitch that CBS should pull the Michael Jackson Special b/c his house was raided? Will CBS move the special to Showtime? Or is Less Moonves so embarrassed of the fall out from the Reagan mini series, that he'll stand his ground?

If you notice, every show on CBS is a cop show where someone is brutally murdered. Crime rate might be down in NYC, but way up on CBS. Is that family entertainment? Do you want to watch yet another show about a strangled hooker with your Five year old? I think CBS has already crossed the taste line.

And you can quote me on that. Or Cynthia.