Tuesday, July 15, 2003

VH1 has thrown in the towel. After years of being MTV's older-not-as-good-looking brother, they are changing their format. If you've seen the station over the last two years, you'd notice that lots of strange shows were poppin' up. Left over Paramount movies from the 80's like Top Gun and Cocktail were part of their "movies that Rock." They even started re-airing shows like NBC's "Re-run Show" and a low budget caught on tape show hosted by a former Baywatch Babe.

Now it's official. VH1 is going to be a station not about music, but pop culture. Anything-pop culture. I know what you are thinking, "Isn't TV pop culture? Thereby anything on TV is instantly pop culture?"

Part of their big plan is to re-run syndicated programing. So if you missed your favorite Ricki! episode, you can catch it the next daaay. GO RICKI!
This can only mean one thing: In two years, VH1 will change again. Check this out;
Here's the progression of TNN:

TNN- The Nashville Network, country station
TNN- The National Network, "Anything POP." I don't know what that means either.
TNN- the New TNN, Anything to with pop culture. (Is that different than POP?)
SpikeTV/The very new TNN- The First network for Men.

Now check out the transformation of FX.

fX - TV made fresh, daily. Wacky mostly live channel from a large apartment in NYC. Had a late night show with Orlando Jones called SoundfX at 11 pm.
FX- Fox on Cable. They aired the successful reruns of NYPD Blue and X-Files.
FX The channel for Men. They had the terrible male version of the View called the X-show. It ran nightly and was a piece of shit.
FX- Once they got The Shield, they dropped their development staff that brought them the Shield and became a commercial version of HBO.

What's next for our little station that could? Who knows? But I do know their new slogan.

VH1 - If you don't like the format, just wait a week.