Thursday, July 03, 2003

Orlando Jones Show --DOA

Recently FX launched its late night talk show starring Orlando Jones. You know that comic actor who was in lots of forgettable, ridiculous movies. Well he's has a late night show, right on the 24/7 FX that seems to only have three original shows and endless M*A*S*H reruns.

Apparently, if Orlando Jones does any kind of ratings, FOX will bring the show over to the network.

First of all, why do we need another chat show? Why does every new show have to re-invent late night talk? Just do a late night show, or don't.

Orlando said in an Entertainment Weakling article that I saved since early June;

"No white guys, no desk, no band." No deference, who cares? If you can't afford any of those things, then it's fine.

He went on to say, " There's always a bit where they so the monologue, and they pause, and they laugh at their own joke and they pause again. And the monologue has maybe 3 minutes of comic material but it takes them to do it." (I wish I knew how to use my scanner. I wouldn't have to type so much.)

I don't get it. The other hosts take too much time being funny? Is Orlando going to save time but not being funny? And anyway, in all fairness, Caroline Rhea has been laughing at her own act since 1987.

Now OJ talks about something stupid and not funny instead of a monologue and then brings the guest out, asks one question and goes to commercial.

First of all, if you want to save time, don't have anything upfront at all and go right to the guest.

First the announcer says who going to be on the show and gives a lingering intro to Orlando (29 seconds).
Then the audience stands and goes crazy like their lives depended on it (5 seconds).
Then OJ intro's his music supervisor and his DJ. They are two different people. Why does a show with no band needs a supervisor?
The audience slaps crazy for them (4 seconds) and then the music supervisor talks about how the DJ is dope and blessed and hype and too dope for words and the DJ gets coy and blushes (36 seconds).
Then OJ talks about how blessed he is to have tonight's guest and how great the musical performer is even though you never heard of this guy who available. Didn't the announcer just tell us who was on the show? (45 seconds)
Then the clip and the guest.

Thanks for saving me 5 minutes of time by not being funny.

OJ hit my favorite note for talk show hosts on his first night. He told his guest that he was blessed. I love when hosts say that. It means the host has nothing else to say and they are stalling. T went something like this;
OJ: "You are blessed." Audience goes nuts.
Adrian Brody: “No you are. You have a show with your name on it." Audience goes nuts. OJ can't argue with good plain kiss ass logic and agrees with the Oscar winner that he too is blessed.

And why is the audience clapping/ No one is about to tell them that they are blessed.
OJ also says "no doubt" in response to the guest’s statement. Nothing kills a conversation like a conversation stopper like "No doubt," "Ok," or "Ok, no doubt."

The show is fine enough. OJ is so relaxed on his set, you think he's about to fall asleep before you do.

But here's what will hurt the show. FX is only showing 3 new episodes a week and show reruns on Thursday and Friday. Comedy Central does that with "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and too much Hype." But CC tells the audience that the show is on Mon - Thursday. They also do that with the very funny stand out show, "Tough Crowd with Collin Quinn who mumbles."

I think the audience will see a promo on Wednesday for a show that they just saw on Monday and get discouraged and stop watching because it feels like there's always a re-run. And the show is going on a 2 week vacation after only being on the air for a month and only showing 3 shows a week.

Here's what they should've done...I'm not saying, I'm just saying...
Premiered the show on Wednesday instead of Monday. Air all original episodes in the first week. Then on Thursday of the second week, air the very first show again. This keeps you one week ahead of yourself.

“But they need to sell ad time for the entire first week. They need to make money.”

Then they should've make 5 for the first week and three for the rest.

“It’s always a re-run.” Watch, people will get bored with his show before he does.

PS. Have you ever noticed that when you go to watch a show that you've only seen once before, it's the same episode as the only other episode you've seen? (Pause, laugh, pause)