Friday, November 22, 2002

What also has to go is that "Good Morning Miami." It's so perky and stale. The first episode smelled of cancellation. In fact, the pilot said, "Only 12 more to go."

Why do they make these shows with phony, too-pretty people in jobs that are so over their heads they could never handle them and apartments that don't exist? Then 7 episodes later, the audience turns on it and they have to cancel the show.

Why do shows take place in a TV station if they have nothing to do with TV? "Larry Sanders" was all about TV. This Miami-Miami crud could take place anywhere. Why not put it in a flower shop or an oil-can refinery or a schmelting plant? How many shows do there need to be about a TV station? These writers obviously don't try at all to be original. "How did I think up the show? Well, I was at work and I needed a workplace right away and..."

The show is about a guy, who looks 36, who moves to Miami to run a TV station because there's a hot chick who works there and he's in love with her. Great, so every sweeps period the writers have to resist hooking them up. Gee. By the way, the woman playing his oversexed grandmother looks like she could play his mother or older sister.
Of course the Granny is some kind of flake/whore. Aren't all old people (on sitcoms)? She came out, delivered a few lines, and returned to the "Who's the Boss" where she came from.

The episode I saw, all the women had extra-long sleeves that they played with while they delivered their lines. This was their "activity."

The not-hot-chick-who's-actually-hot delivered some kooky lines and then went right back to the TV show "Becker" where she came from.

The too-hot-to-have, impossible-to-get-until-you-reach-100-episodes-or-a-threat-of-being-canned chick came out and delivered her lines and returned to every '80s comedy where she came from.

Last week's show was about the guy who runs the station being upset because he was turning 29. 29! What the fuck? I'd be upset too if I was nearing 30 and looked 40. The guy is way too old for that. I understand having older people play teenagers, but are there any child labor laws for people actually in their 20s? Why not have him be 37, like he is in real life?

I dated a woman who told me when I asked her how old she was that she "played 25-29." She was 38. She quickly put on really long sleeves and brushed up on her snappy one-liners.

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