Sunday, November 17, 2002

Turning a blind eye

When is it OK to be a misogynist and a homophobe? I was taught never. But in Hollywood it's OK, as long as you sell a shitload of CDs. Eminem put out two albums where he talks about killing his wife and how much he hates gays. Strangely he refuses to use the "N word." It's good to know that even haters have limits.

As soon as he got big, anti-defamation groups jumped up and down to quiet him. That only led to more local "news" reports and higher sales.

Hollywood saw a crossover star and a movie draw. People felt they had to embrace someone who writes about hate. The Grammys gave him awards. The Grammys, BTW, don't reward the best music of the year, just the best of the highest selling. Have you ever seen an unknown rock group or rapper get nominated? Last year, Elton John sang a duet with the rapper. Does it make OK what Em was saying? NO! It just shows what an Uncle Tom and sellout John is. Fuck that over-the-hill (as big as a hill) sellout.

Hollywood came calling. He's now in a movie (which is a watered-down "Krush Groove") directed by Curtis Hanson. Apparently "Wonder Boys" was such a flop that this once-renowned director got stuck making "Breakin' 3."

The Em single to promote the movie is as watered-down as the free mimosas at the Standard. He doesn't even shit on gays once. What a let-down. Instead, the song is inspirational, like "Eye of the Tiger," except harder to understand.

The movie itself was a two-hour slow-motion lead-up to a last scene and end credits. Jeez, that movie gave no insight into Detroit or rap. It wasn't even that funny. It kinda began, middled, and ended.

So if you're an aspiring hate rapper, just make sure it's catchy.

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