Monday, January 29, 2007

Google Ad Sense made too much sense:

My friend from college's father died last month. He wrote about the last day with his father and how much he meant to him. I met his father a few times and knew my buddy always wanted his dad's approval and that he's dad was always beeming with pride when I saw them together. To read that his father called him out of the blue a month before his sudden death to tell him how much he loved him was amazing.

It was good to read that his entire family, including ex-wives and step parents were there bedside for his last moments.

The comment section was filled with readers of his blog and friends wishing him well and telling stories of their own loss. It was really touching to see people open up about their private pain like that. It gave them a chance to share this experience with someone.

Just before the comment section was a "Google Ads" banner with a link to sympathy cards. Way to go. The Google Ads is supposed to have some great spy like technology that can sense what the blog is about and then try to sell someone the reader would be interested in.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

here's a website tells you what you need to know to be an extra in a movie.

It's filled with so much good information- It even has the current date in the corner.

So if you wan to be walking in teh background of some film or want to be yelled at by a 2nd, 2nd, 2nd AD who's nervouse this gig will cost him his career - then this is teh place for you.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

live blogging.

watching Studio 60 right now.
the execs are arguing about the FCC fine for a soldier who cursed on the live news. I doubt the FCC would fine anyone. that's just crap. IT's the news. If no other other words could be used but a curse word then they will let it fly. A war would be an exception. Bono flinging out the F bomb at an awards show isn't the same.

So the guy from Wings calls the head of the network a moron because he's worried about this fine that would never happen. Ed Asner stands up for him and everyone votes to fire ed. in real life wings guy would be alone. no one would stand for that crap.

now they are talking about the arts and leisure section of the NYT.

now thy discovered a huge piece of info in the newspaper. wow! how cool.

this show is so bad. I'm embarrassed watching it. it's worse than the worse SNL sketch in the 30 year history.

now MAtt Perry is bitty for a date with a women that he doesn't like! But does he!

now the idealistic network exec who doesn't like bad TV is talking to the reality show person. she hates reality shows. b/c they are bad. in reality NBC is dumping written shows to have more reality shows.

now we are shocked that the reality show girl went behind her direct boss' back. surprise.

oooh! "uh, oh, there's another pretty girl at the dance and this one is not pregnant." OKAY! NO SHE DID int

now the ep is against saving money on sodas. the network gives them free sodas. Now they want to save money on the soda they give to the staff by buying liter bottles. The EP crumples up the memo in discuss. Was he mad about the free soda or that he got hid first memo on paper since 1998?

oh, no! The ep of a national TV realizes that he needs "letters of recommendations" from major directors like clint and steven to send to the woman he loves. who is the pregnant TV exec!

Now the black actor is arguing with the black writer. it seems that the famous black actor hired the nobody black writer out of obscurity and now the writer doesn't want to work on the black actor's sketch b/c he... i don't know why, but what i do know id if a guy hires you from nothing, you hook him up. this is also unrealistic.

now the Corduroy kid is nervously talking to the semi-hot brit writer chick. she's shocked. A male coworker hitting on you? Shocker. really? someone hitting on a hot comedy writer? never happens,

NBC promised this show would not be a romance but a show about something. I'm glad they fucked that up. this is bad, but so much better than before the rewrites and network notes.

now the wings guy is arguing with a Japanese guy about this non realistic FCC fine.

now the the female tv exec is in the network gym to apprize to the reality show person who's on the treadmill.

Ok - here's a funny scene about Japanese people arguing. the daughter wants to drop the promising career and hard work as a star viola player to do improvisational comedy. the dad is pissed! way pissed! the daughter doesn't understand why. Now, now this is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The female TV exec asked the TV show ep to stop hitting on her. He said no. That's just creepy.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Screw TIVO!

I have a two and half year old model. It;s fine but it only records one show at a time...when I start tot complain about it I hear my mother's voice in my head, "One show at a time, that should be enough for a person. What kind of person needs to watch more than one show at a time?"

Who am I a prince? I should be grateful I have a color on my TV and that be the end of it.

Come to think of it, my mom's DVR can record two shows at once! Why can't I record both "What about Brian?" (WAB) and "Studio 60" at the same time? Now I have to choice which show to make fun of. (Note: I ended a sentence with a prep.) It's like Sophie's Choice (CLiche alert) if Sophie had to chose between shit and crap.

24 and Heros? Grey's and 30 Rock? Why couldn't I tape--I mean record-- Leno do "Headlines" and Letterman doing "Small Town News?" (Both in the second act of every Monday show)

So today while I'm in Best (not to) Buy looking for a new DVD player that can play 5 different types of DVD's (sorry mom, it's for work) I ask the clerk about upgrading my TIVO.

Before I asked him, I had to hunt him down like a Leprechaun with a pot of gold. He wore a name tag that read "Brian." He told me if I could not upgrade my TIVO and If I bought the new one which advertises that it can now walk and chew gum at the same time, I would have to sign up for a new plan. First of all, it's not a subscription, it's extortion. "You can buy our product, but you'll have to pay to keep using it."

When I bought a PC I didn't have to pay a subscription to use it...except for Spyware.

The new Tivo is only $65 after rebates, but I would have to get a new subscription. "But I have a lifetime subscription." That doesn't matter. Its for the life time of the box that I bought, not for TIVO in general. Plus they aren't offering life time subscriptions any more. Nice, dick.

I thanked him and we had a nice conversation about how he wants to be an actor. Then he told me if I needed anything, like an extra in something I might be shooting, I should ask for him by name, "Robert."

Well, fuck you TIVO and fuck you "Brian." Luckily networks are airing their shows on the internet.
So NBC, you won't get me watching and speeding by your ads on the local affiliate, but will watch on Sorry about the ratings.

Some people say they won't watch TV on their computer. I will. I'll watch TV anywhere. I'm an addict. It's sad but true. But you're saying you'd watch some kid getting kicked in the nuts on You-Tube or a cat stuck in a doggie door but you won't watch your favorite show?

I'm guessing it's a way to train people to watch TV on their computer. Then when we are all brain washed they can bring back "Hard Drinkin' Lincoln" and "Queer Duck."

On the computer you can pause, fast forward or rewind the show but you can fuck with the commercial. Luckily there's only one per act break. When I say one, the same one over and over again.

There's only so many times I see that Earl Dittman liked "Stomp the Yard."

I usually turn down the volume of I even look away from the computer.

In conclusion, f TIVO and no Robert I don't know anyone in casting.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Last week in Harlem I passed an ad for the ill fated TV show. Although the show went off the air in July of 2006 on a network that is no longer around, no one thought to take down this sign adn sell the post for something more up to date, like "Joey."

Apparently this fan likes to stand by the sign and tell people of Pepper's wacky adventures. If you are ever on 110th and Amsterdam walk by for some tales of Pepper past.