Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Martha leaves void in Daytime talk.

With Martha going to the can, some stations have dropped her. Others have stay with the guru of crap. KING WORLD says that they will continue to sell her show. That nice of them. Since they have contracts and tapes in the can. Why would they stop?

They'd only stop if there wasn't a demand for it anymore. That's called biznax.

But the question is who will replace the hole that Martha, Sharon Osborne, Wayne, Ricki!, and John Walsh will leave behind next year?

John Walsh: That hole was created By NBC Enterprises to make room for The Jane Pauly show. Walsh was doing ok, and over time he could've replaced Maury and Montel. Pauly won't work. She ain't warm or friendly. too newsie. Her naem appeals to advertisers, but not day time audiences.

Wayne is being dropped for Tony Danza. Even after Wayne won two Emmys advertisers still fled. That's worse than being found guilty for securities fraud. No advertisers? Now, that's a reason to pull a show. I guess Danza can be more appealing than Brady and Pauly. BUt it's another show that will fight over the same guest. Somehow Ellen became the place to bring the A-list celebs in LA. Maybe Danza's appeal will be the same with publisits.

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