Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Christina's own song makes her barf?

Each month I do variety/vaudeville show, "Below the Belt." We are developing the show in LA to take to Las Vegas.

Last night as the host Johnny Fayva was doing his rendition of Christina Aguilera's song, "Beautiful." By the end of the song, he strips to nipple tassels and a g string with hearts on it.

Christina was in the bar. She peaked her head into the performance room where her song was coming out from. There was Fayva in a G string eating food off of people's plates. She proceeded to go right into the bathroom to puke. We'd like to thin k it was Fayva's singing... She was so drunk, she went to the bathroom to puke. She had a girlfriend holding the stall door and her two huge security guards standing in front of the door. Then they tried to leave the restaurant. They were carrying her out the door. All you could see was her curly wig and hat in a sea of people holding her up. Then they brought her back in and she recovered in the dining room with her goons guarding her.

We like to think Johnny Fayva's version made her sick.

here's pictures of the show:

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