Monday, December 22, 2003


I can't watch another E! or VH0.1 "special" where D list celebs critique A listers. So Sharon Stone wore an ugly dress once? So Britney started a fail restaurant in NYC?

Who hasn't?
I've worked at them all. If you opened a restaurant, I've waited tables there, and if I've waited tables there, you probably fired me.

But enough with 3rd rate comics and Michael Musto, that dusty queen. At least change it up. I don't need to see the same four people on all the channels.

Apparently, VH0.1 is looking for comics right now in NYC. No pay, no experience, no prep time.

For those "I love the 80's" and "I still Love the 80's," they sent clips they already picked to the commentators and cut up what they said. They made two remember the 80's specials. I'm surprised they didn't run out of things to say. If they make a third, they have to talk about my Bar Mitzvah or my brothers mullet. (Oh, wait, that was me.)

I never found Michael Ian black funny. But his dead pan faux praise of all things tacky in the 80's is so annoying and over done. And Mo Rocco pretend that trivial things are very important events...Enough. You two are smarter than me and smugger. I get it. Now call your mom for approval.