Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Before the end of the year I had to get in some charity for my taxes (and the good will of mankind). So I throw a bunch of my skinny clothes and out of date shoes in a bag and gave it to the gay thrift store. I also gave some orphanages some cash and candy bars. Plus my college got money for the library and some fresh bong water.

But the biggest charity was last night. I gave NBC one more viewer for their latest semi hit show "Las Vegas." now a days, if a show gets any kind of number, people run around like its the second coming of the Cosby Show. Then they give the show a 47 year deal and no one is the wiser.

"Las Vegas" opened with a Baywatch size open montage of butts and boobs in bathing suits. Then the plot began. Someone tried to rape the bosses daughter with roofies. Now this isn't an after school special! This is NBC's latest and greatest show! NOW SIT DOWN!

They stretched the search on for the entire hour. Apparently, this guy just goes around all day looking for women to drug. I, myself spend all day playing "Dick Clark's Rocking Eve" nickel slots soaking up the free drinks. I'm also a Wheel of fortune man. But I can understand it. When I go to Vegas, C-Horse likes to play "the Big Cheese," while I'm at the nickels. While this guy is drugging chicks, his buddy must be playing progressive slots or stabbing people or something. "You drug, I mame, meet you at the Ghost bar at 11."

Oh, I forgot to tell you the plot of the show. They work in Vegas. That's it.
I honestly don't know how they can get plots form week to week. Well God Bless it.

the show is a pointless as those Oxygen bars on the strip. You do it because it's there, but you don't feel any better after it.