Tuesday, June 24, 2003

The Opposite Sex on UPN.

Like most things, I really wanted to hate this show. BUt Eve is a great talent. She has great presence. Also the show features teh famous for no reason, Ali Laundry. This is good for the show. The two women and do some publicity and people will watch it.

It's about how men are different from woman. But this show is also about how women are different than men. You see? You see why I wanted to hate this show?

But I don't think that the show is only about htat. I mena that Mars/Venus crap ran out of steam in the '80's.

Times I laughed out loud: 1
Number of white guys that think they are black: 0
Number of the dumb white guy: 0
Number of Samatha type charaters (slutty hot chicks): 1
Would I watch it every week?: No, I'm too hip. I only watch one camera stuff or cartoon sitcoms.

The show fit in great with the other marginal sitcoms. Eve is a break out star.