Monday, April 07, 2003

Entertainment Weakling reported a couple of weeks ago that ABC had the most primetime news coverage of the war. The article also mentioned how strange it was that after the president declared war, the networks went right back to regularly scheduled crap.

I think the two are connected. ABC doesn't have anything better to put on primetime. You don't see ABC replacing The Bachelor or " simple rules for dating my daughter." The war coverage is during the many holes ABC has. ABC has more war coverage, because it has more holes. They got rid of "The Family" and put on war. The reality show was to be in place of "NYPD Blue" for nine weeks. When the show sunk to forth place, ABC decided they needed more war and pushed the reality show until summer.

ABC also expanded "Nightline." But they also sold advertisers for the extra 15 minutes they had at night. Which is short sighted. They are also hurting themselves by starting "Jimmy Kimmel Live" later at night.

Let' hope ABC gets their shit together before we win this war.

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