Wednesday, October 23, 2002


The almost unseen TRIO channel bought the old Dave Letterman show.
That show was groundbreaking. It makes Letterman's new show seem as boring as Charlie Rose on mute (or not on mute).
You can ask almost anyone working in TV or comedy today and they will tell you that "Late Night with David Letterman" influenced them.

For me, of course, it was "Thicke of the Night" and "Rick Dees." Whatever happened to Johnny B? Stephanie Miller?
They are all rerun on the Bad Idea Network (BIN).
Reruns of "Joe Franklin" can be seen on the Paint Drying Channel (PDC).

E! re-ran the Letterman show a few years ago. It didn't work. But I think people are now pining for the great show. And TRIO is seen in, like, 2 homes, so how much ratings can they need for a show to be a hit?

Nothing has come close to that show, except for maybe "Late World with Zack" on VH1. Maybe TRIO should buy "Zack" too. VH1 has to be selling it cheap. VH1 could have a garage sale with all their failed shows from this year alone. If channels were department stores, VH1 would be the Costco -- failed TV shows for wholesale prices.

HBO picks up a second season of the "Wire."
What can they do now? That show's ending was pretty conclusive. Shit ended.
Same with (my favorite show) "The Shield." For whatever reason, they tied up the major story lines from that show as well. Both shows ran like great mini-series. It's like "V," but with better hair.

But if Jason and Michael Myers can get killed in every movie and still come back, then the drugs dealers can still evade the cops for another season.

Maybe next season they can add more women on both cop shows. Why was the only woman on "The Wire" a lesbian? If you suck cock, does it make you a bad cop?

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