Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Clint Eastwood gives free publicity to fake awards show

The coveted "Guy's Choice Awards," which rewards celebrities who have the best publicist, got a kick in the pants the other day when Clint Eastwood made a joke about Catlin Jenner. It was a nothing of a joke. The biggest problem with it was that it wasn't funny, I mean it made no sense. He just said a name of a famous person that he couldn't remember b/c he's old.

Spike TV,who airs the "awards" show, quickly pulled the joke and then told everyone about it. Seriously , has does anyone know about it, unless they told everyone about it?
I've been in the edit rooms. It's usually a couple of producers and the editor. What happened? Was the producers tweeting the editor?
.@Donnyeditor Whatever you do, don't tell anyone that you cut that @Catlinjenner joke #guyschoiceawards. #jkdo

I guess Jamie Foxxxxxx got a lot of press when he made his childish Bruce Jenner joke on the equally made up "I Heart Radio Awards." Which should be called, "Did Pitbull show up yet?"

Ok, must sleep. good night!

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