Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Amy Schumer of unpaid writers

It seems an intern from Letterman is getting herself a lot of press because she wrote a couple of top ten jokes for the last Letterman show. I say, good for Caroline Schaper,. The writers are vastly overpaid while she's not paid at all. And all the high priced brilliance in the writers room, an unpaid student came up with 1/5 of the top ten. (Don't kill me with the math. The spelling is bad enough on this site without having to worry about the math as well.)

While the intern is trying to turn her beginners luck/amture status into a career, the writers are collecting the check for writing the jokes and another check when it repeats. I think I started writing this wanting to take shots at the intern for going to the press, but let her have it. she's overworked and under (not) paid. Her exposure won't stop the writers for taking credit for it. Now Letterman can claim they have a female writer.

I love the fascination with Schaper.  "What? An intern can write silly jokes? She's in her early 20's, how does she have the brain capacity? You have to be at least 40, balding and wearing New Balance sneakers to be able to write a joke."

Also, it's not that hard for someone in their 20's to write a top ten list. All articles are top ten lists.  News stories are broken down into lists. "Top 7 reasons Hillary Clinton is wearing comfortable shoes." "Top Ten 'Top Ten Lists.' #5 is going to stop your heart."

What about the WGA? They now know about a non-union person writing for a union show. Can they going to make her join and get her paid? 

Every few years there's a new comic that can't do no wrong. For a while it was Jon Stewart, then Louis CK and now it's Amy Schumer. the press treats all of her comedy bits like it's scripture. So, hence the title of the post.

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