Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mr. Moviefone Lives in a Glass House

This morning while looking for a place showing the wacky rom com "Frozen River," for my ten year old nephew's birthday party. I noticed a feature on In honor of "Lost Boys 2" on DVD they did a "Where Are They Now" type article.
So far we know about the two Coreys the one Keefer and Jamie Gertz.
But what about the other people whose names we can't think of?
Well Mr. Moviefone has go the answer.
The article is a snarky review of people and their lives over 20 years later. Calling people has beens and failures. Showing fat pictures of them. Shitting on them for not keeping up the pace of one hit movie that really wasn't all that. Showing the fattest picture of someone.

Now: (Jamison) Newlander went AWOL after 1988's 'Blob,' but reemerged in '03 to write, direct, produce and star in the straight-to-DVD 'Rooster.' Perhaps he was honing his skills as a quadruple threat during that 15-year hiatus. If so, his efforts didn't pay off; according to his unofficial fan site (what, he's not famous enough to have an official one?), his cameo in 'Lost Boys 2' was cut. Is there any justice in this world?
Wait a second, Mr. Moviefone article writer guy; you work for the biggest has been of all. AOL. Hasn't Time/Warner been tring to dump that company off at Goodwill for the last ten years?

Internet providers. Where Are They Now?

Then: JUNO was the free internet provider.
Now: They charge about ten bucks and still has one customer.

Then: AOL ruled the roost with IMs, chat rooms and hometown homepages.
Now: failing to keep up with the times they helped create, they are staying afloat with costumers who either forget they have the service or are too stubborn to change to anything else.

Also on the same page is an interview with Corey Feldman. Does Corey know he was called an asshole just one click away?

What if did a where are they now abou tthe "Bad News Bears?"

After not "breaking away" with a career, Jackie Earle Haley was forced to become a limo driver. He started to drive people to big Hollywood events instead of going to them. Oh, he recently had a Oscar nominated turn in "Little Children" and will be starring as Rorschack in "Watchmen.' What a loser!
That guy had 13 years between gigs.

Fame and success comes and goes. You can't predicted it. Or fault someone for not holding onto it...what am I saying?
I know, who am I to talk? I'm a person with a free blogger account and a library card who can express his/her opinion anytime I want (between the hours of 9 AM to 9 PM for 15 minute at a time.)

Hey professional writer guy, leave the snarkiness and misspellings to the bloggers.

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