Monday, June 26, 2006

Entourage left me alone!

Yes, I watch Entourage! That and Meerkat Manor are my guilty pleasures.

Let me the 100th person to call the new character on HBO's male "Sex and the City" Entourage - Cousin Oliver. They brought in a character that no one needs. All of a sudden last night a character shows up and causes trouble. And guess what? He's not leaving.

This guy was conveniently in jail for the last five years so he never came up. Now that he's out of the joint he's here to stir up some drama and save the writers from coming up with fresh organic material.

I always hated when "long lost friends" are introduced in sitcoms. All of a sudden Tom Hanks is an uncle that no one mentioned - he has a drinking problem that solved just before the end credits.

The first thing is I've always resented their existence. Who are you? Where did you come from? No one told me about you? I've known the Seavers for four season and they never mentioned you. Not once. Now you walk in and everyone is so happy to see you? No one tells me anything. You think you know a family. Why did you hide this person from me? Are you ashamed of me?

The second thing is the introduction. it's always uncomfortable because the writers have four lines to establish what great friends everyone is. So secret handshakes are brought out, force anecdotes are told. Usually it's the new character telling an embarrassing story about the main character, the main character gts embarrassed while everyone else is happy to hear the story.

Thirdly - it's lazy. In the cae of Entourage you have five great over the top characters. You can't come up with something for the four Hollywood hot shots to do this season so you brought in trouble? Entourage had an whole year to come up with a new season of story lines and all they could do is steal a page from the Melrose Place play book? “Next week on Entourage Heather Locklear guest stars as the evil woman from Turtle’s past.”

Maybe at the end of this season Johnny Drama will get pregnant and then the kid will miraculously grow up during hiatus to a cute fast talking four year old.


Ned Donnelly said...

not to nit pick but tom hanks was the keatons' uncle, not the seavers. you're getting your family ties and growing pains mixed up.

Anonymous said...

I hear they're going to bring in Ted McGinley for season 4! You're right, though--this plotline is straight out of The Sopranos: wiseguy released fromt the pen is gonna make things tough for T. I mean E.