Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's time for Free TV!

The Emmys are coming up, so the networks are sending us shutin voters DVD of the shows they wants to win some gold (plate).
Yesterday I got this gem.... It's Chris on a Milk carton. Inside is the season of "everybody hates Chris." Why no Love, Inc pencil set? Or "half and Half" non-dairy creamer? Or "Cuts" pencil sharpener?

About two months ago Showtime send copies of all their shows, even the ones that hadn't aired yet. I got six un aired episodes of "Huff" and the "L Word." HUFF is terrible - even when it's free and early. The L Word has managed to make Lesbians boring. How did that happen?
"Sleeper Cell?" Put me to sleep! NO! Not true. That was too easily. It confused me, then I threw it in the trash and then I went to bed.

Two great finds? Weeds and Barber Shop. Barber shop is actually funny and fun to watch. Omar Gooding is very funny. The characters are fun and the plot moves along pretty quickly. Plus the show has the same creator as Everybody hates Chris - which means I made a call back and I can end this entry.

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Susie said...

I like my M.Y. with original pics!