Tuesday, December 27, 2005

NBC finally has a good problem
And I don't mean, "What to do with Zucker?"
What to do with an actual hit?

NBC got an early Christmas present in the form of decent ratings for "Deal or No Deal." They quickly gave the show a pick up and told everyone, I told you so.

Now where so they put the show?

NBC revamped the schedule hiding their failures like a country singer hides his bald spot with a cowboy hat.

They moved moderate hit Earl and almost moderate hit Office to Thursday - putting Joey out of his misery and my favorite show The Apprentice on ice. That's right - I said something positive. Starting the night is the guest that wouldn't leave - "Will & Grace" and their friend that no one at the party knew or invited - new show "Four Kings."

In "EarlOffice's" place is two episodes of another show I like - Scrubs. Obvious NBC is burning off the episodes so we can have more shows like EarlOffice (not funny but low key so think it's funny.)

After killing off Martha Stewart's prime time show they replaced it with 1 hour versions of "The Biggest Loser." Going against a big fat hit like "Lost" will hurt the show's ratings and value. Ultimately hampering another pick up.

I say this - Put "Deal or No Deal" Tuesdays at 9. Push Scrubs to Thursdays at 8:30 after you cancel "Four Kings."

They can also use a boost on Fridays. Maybe 8 PM.

But the best night is Sunday at 7 PM displacing "Dateline." That has to have the embarrassing task of going against mega great news show "60 Minutes." "D or ND" is more family friendly than "news" reports about Shanghai brothels.

Just because you asked...
Other shows I like:
The Wire - Best show
The Shield - runner up.
Lost - first season was so good, I'm putting up with this year's nonsense.
Arrested/Family Guy/Sopranos/Curb - the shows everyone says. It's trite, but true.
Reality shows: Donald Trump, Parco PI, American Casino

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