Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Shit, I'll Say it.

Today (9/28/04) the NY Post page 93 Starr report gives the most important ratings report. The guy doesn't write full stories, he writes blurbs. So in a blurb next to other blurbs regarding talk show ratings, he included this gem.

"Life & Style" ranks first in women 18-34 in its timeslot on Ch. 11 (3 a.m.)

Really? Women from the ages 18-34 at 3:00 in New York? Is that the whole island? or just uptown.

You mean the infomercial for hair loss/real eastate get rich plans or the farm report didn't win?

Who's to say winning your timeslot at 3:00 isn't anything to crow about? Well, me.

This is obviously an item put in by a publicist/friend.

Accordign o a source at the show, they have been getting close to 2's at 3 am. Which is better than they are doing at a decent time like 10 AM. Is there a market for the overnight viewer? Is there an overnight viewer?

Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Guest Hosts Line Up for the Late Late Show
The first week of the post Craig Kilborn talker brought us a tired and embarrassed looking Drew Carry and a DL HUghley who reminded the audience at every turn that he's black and the rest of world is white and there's a noticable difference.
These guest hosts are supposed to be auditions to replace the tall talker with perfect hair.

Here's a list of the other guest hosts for the Late Late Show on CBS:

Michael Ian Black - boring correspondant from Vh1's I love the 80's is so not funny. In fact no one from the over blown The State is funny. Somehow they continue to fool people and work.
He's bland and smug.

Ana Gasteyer - (Saturday night Live) Very Funny. Very likable. She'll need to stop squinting so she could make eye contact.

Tom Arnold - (Once married Roseanne) Not likable. Always seems to work. Made a deal with the Devil. Might get the job because he's an obvious choice. That's not a bad thing. But most celebs and viewers already don't like him.

Tom Dreesen (Letterman) Been a comic since the dawn of time. Good friends with Letterman, the EP of LLS. He'd be good I think, but no oneknows who he is. He's not proven. It'll be hard to get guests and viewers.

David Allen Grier (In Living Color) Funny. Will he listen to guests or go for the joke? Might be good. Will he moody on the air too?

Ahmad Rashad (Sports guy) Safe choice, not that riviting. By that I mean deadly boring.

Jim Rome (Sports radio) great fan base, two fail sports shows on cable. This guy is a radio god, but can't get a good enough ratings for cable? That's bad. Even McEnroe and Dennis Miller are surviving on cable.

Aisha Tyler (Talk Soup, Friends) She killed a late night comedy franchise on E! That's a bad sign. I think she's very funny. Can she interview? We shall see. It mgiht be interesting to see if she can get ratings.

It seems a lot of these people are on the last leg of their careers. This is it. If they don't get this gig...then it's cabert shows for now on. In fact talk shows seem like a last stop on lots of people's careers.

You would think CBS could get better talent for a late night spot. They seem to be caught with their pants down. No one to replace Craiggers. Maybe they should've given him the money (Although he insits it's not money) that he wanted. At least he worked.

Now that a late night spot opened up, why can't they attract bigger names? Hughley, Greir, Dreesen, Arnold and company are all easy gets. They could possibly be last minute replacements, not full time hosts. If David AG is teh host, then who's going to be the show's last minute replacement guest?