Monday, June 08, 2015

Is Louis CK an under rated perv?

Jezebel and other sites have been alleging that a certain comedian has been some crazy stuff. I have no idea if that's true. 

I had lunch with an old boss last week. We were talking about the Duggers. "Look, if you hire right wing nuts like the Duck Dynasty guys or white trash like Honey Boo Boo, you can't be surprised when they says crazy Christian stuff or date pediphiles." He was saying the way the Duggers handled their son, should have been expected.

I have the same reaction to Louis CK. Louis' comedy is totally honest about his weird sex shit. His persona is a sad perv. So we know it's possible. I'm surprised it hasn't been a bit yet. Cosby, like the Duggers, stood on a mountaintop and cast judgement on everyone and claimed to be perfect. Then he RAPED people. Lots of people. I think Louis should get a head of this like Lena Dunham and do a bit about it. 

If Howard Stern cheated on his wife, we wouldn't be so surprised. When Letterman came out with his affair, people were surprised. 

Also, has comedy become listening to someone narcissism? WTF or Girls, Patton Oswalt or Aziz or whatever, is just them telling us about them. Sometimes they try to make it funny. Like why did Lenan Dunham feel she should tell that awful story in her book? 

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