Monday, April 01, 2013

PeTA Protoested

PeTA, an organization that's no stranger to protests is getting a taste of it's own medicine. The animal rights group is under siege by protestors.

"Every few months or so, PeTA will say they have some famous person posing naked in an ad for their cause,"  stated the head of PWLTSB (People Who Love To See Boobs) "Then you see the picture and it's someone sitting there coving up the good parts. That's not nude. Nude is nipple. NUDE IS NIPPLE! NUDE IS NIPPLE!"

This reporter had to flee the angry mob of pent up protestors who started chanting "Nude is Nipple."

"I went to see that American Idol judge nude, all I got was her sitting there with no clothes in a way that you can see nothing."

Five protestors were arrested, two for throwing tanning oil and coco butter on PeTA members who were wearing clothes.

This reporter does not normally get personally involved in a story, but come on! Enough already. I can't be fooled again. Ok, again.

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