Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NBC Picks Up "Chuck" but makes him sell iPods

Next season the actors who play salesmen, will actually sell.

"Since 'Chuck' takes place in an electronics store," said one unnamed exec, "We decided to actually sell TV's and such as we shoot on the show."
Making the set into a working into a working would bring the show some more authenticity and and some extra revenue. "We cut the actors' base salary and offer some commission," continued the exec, "It will motivate them. The original tag line for the show was "Save the world for $11 an hour. Next season will be "$8.50 plus commission."
"Think about it, the ads for the show can double was a way to announce a sale. May sweeps is also 'Spring Blow out!' Is there a better person to buy a TV from than a guy on TV? No. This will work."

"If we had this with "er" we could've made a killing with the HMO's," said the same exec who offered this reporter a cup of coffee and then charged him for it, "The paper work alone would bring us to two more seasons worth of stories."
This was tried once before with little success. Once but in the 80's, they turned the "Cheers" set into a working bar. After a long day of shooting, all the patrons started hitting on Carla.

This new strategy is not a far leap from the way things work on "Chuck" before.
He's an example of their subtle product integration:

NBC also squashed the rumor that they will replace the current theme song to "Chuck" with the "Name Game" as suggested by Brent Hunter age 12.

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