Saturday, March 14, 2009

NBC Gives summer sched a time machine theme

In a move unlike no on else, NBC gave their new shows this summer a theme: Shows of the past.

"The Philanthropist" is about a very rich guy gives people who deserve it money. Like the Millionaire. That's from 1978 - but I swear there was one a few years ago. IT's on of those ideas that keep popping up.
"I'M A CELEBRITY...GET ME OUT OF HERE!" - see below. (one one more down)

"America's Got Talent" = "Gong show.""The Listener" - I read the description a couple of times. I honestly don't understand it. I'm guessing it's "Medium" meets "Ghost Whisper." Speaking of total rip offs - how is "the Mentalist" not "Psych" from the USA channel? Yu can't steal from USA!

They have show about Merlin, so did Bernard Hughes.

"Great American Road Trip" is different than the rest. It's based on a hit show. It's just like "The Amazing Race," but not that amazing. It's only in the US - budget cuts. Next summer look out for "Waiting for the F train" only on NBC.

Thanks NBC. Now I have to go outside this summer.

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