Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thanks NBC for Saving my white butt

I got this email in my Compuserve file. It was an email from a friend of someone who is working on an NBC show, not directly from the production company or network.

Well I won't reprint the email since it's full of personal info, but here's the part you need...

"...staffing up a new show for NBC about storm chasers. ...needs to book an ethnically diverse crew--- Producers, Camera Ops, and Sound Mixers.

If any of you guys know any producers, camera ops, and sound mixers who are Latin, Asian, Black, please forward me their info."

It's great that NBC is looking to hire minorities. It's really white out there, for no real reason.

But for a show where they have to chase storms?!?!?
A dangerous assignment. Let's save the white people for Rock of Love and the Bachelor and send out the minorities for the show about tornadoes and falling bricks.

Looking for jobs? Don't call me.
Look at
Plus has a good classified section.

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