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NBC's new fall line up

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Fall 2
Monday: Chuck, Heroes, My Own Worst Enemy
Tuesday: The Biggest Loser: Families, Kath & Kim, L
aw & Order: SVU
sday: Knight Rider, Deal or No Deal, Lipstick Jungle
Thursday: My Name
is Earl, 30 Rock, The Office, The Office, ER
Friday: Crusoe, Deal or No Deal, Life
ay: Dateline, Knight Rider [r], L&O: SVU [r]
Sunday: Football Night in America, NFL Sund
ay Night Football

Winter / Spring 2008-09:
Monday: Chuck, Heroes, The Philanthropist
Tuesday: The Biggest Loser: Families, Kath & Kim, Law & Order: SVU
Knight Rider, Deal or No Deal, Law & Order
Thursday: My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, The Office, The
Office Spinoff, ER/Celebrity Apprentice
Friday: Deal or No Deal, Friday Nig
ht Lights, Life
Saturday: Dateline, L&O:
SVU [r], Law & Order [r]
Sunday: D
ateline, Merlin, Medium, Kings

First of all, thank goodness NBC has pulled back on the
reality hours. I'm a fan of reality shows and refuse to be one of those people who say reality is ruining TV, but it was getting to be too much. I know there was a writers strike, but still. 14 hours a week of the "Biggest Loser" was getting to be too much.

Monday: I'm not a big fan of Chuck, but a night of Chuck/Heroes and Medium would be a
killer night - also easy to keep all one word titles in a single evening. But NBC could use the spot after "Heroe$" to launch a new show. "My Own Worst Enemy" stars Christian Slater (Kuffs) as a regular guy who turns out to be a secret operative. That's two hours after "Chuck" a regular guy who is a human zip drive for the government and right after "Heroes," regular people who speak in exposition and hit you over the head with symbolism.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually a wash for NBC. This year is no exception. "Lipstick Jungle" will be gone by December or just go the way of the great "What About Brian" - totally reformat the show, write the characters into a corner, add a black guy for no reason who doesn't do much and has crazy hair and someone will open a cupcake shop.

Thursday looks good. I love "30 Rock," but I don't know if I would put it in the family hour. I like it a little saus-ay. But putting on the Office twice? And then to follow it with a spin off (that sounds like a complete copy)? (Note to self: create a show with Ennis, Flo, Florence, Joey and Florida and call it "Spun Off.) Did they even try to find a show there? Most likely not - I blame the strike. But they did get new dramas - so how hard were they looking. Don't worry, the sitcom is not dead. there just aren't any new ones on one of the four major networks.

I'm a big fan of "Life." I'm glad it's back. Yes it wasn't perfect, but I like it - so there!
I give Slater's show a better chance than "The Philanthropist" a show that's been done to death as both a scripted and a reality show. Good rich guy gives to poor people - changes lives - we change channels.
Also family is also shaky with "Dateline." They are usually catching perfes, profiling prostitues or showing security video of people being shot at. It is produced by "news" but it's goal is not to be educational. It's TV news, If it bleeds, they will milk it for a whole hour.

Here's a first look at Christian Slater's new show:

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