Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Meredith Salenger wants to dance with the Stars

From her Myspace fan page:

Meredith Salenger DANCES with the stars?? ;)
Body: attention all salenger fans...

A few of you have emailed me telling me that I should be on "DANCING WITH THE STARS!!!"
And I actually thing that is a GREAT IDEA!
it looks like soooo much fun!
and major hard work!
I thinkn the people at ABC need to know that a lot of people would want to see me strutting my stuff out there...
One of you suggested a petition...
I am not sure how you would all go about that
but perhaps starting a THREAD on their message board might help??
any other suggestions
I would love to do it
and i know a lot of you would like to see me try!
PLEASE is you have a minute...
please post a little something for the folks at ABC that you would love to see your FAVORITE ACTRESS on their show!

here is the link to their message board:

Request Meredith Salenger for "Dancing with the Stars"

http://abc. go. com/primetime/dancingwiththestars/index?pn=mb&cat=23170

if any of you have any other ideas on how to go about begging them to get me on their show
I would be soooo appreciative if you let me know
or went ahead and begged them on my behalf!

Hope this works
YOU guys are the best!
Media Yenta's note:
I think Meredith is super nice and super hot. End of Comments. Thanks for reading and enjoy the hot pictures.